The Problem

Do your board members have your mission statement memorized? Does anyone?

Do you struggle to measure your impact in the community?

Are you trying to get a grant but can’t compete…or qualify?

Do your staff members go with the flow but never really commit?

Do you need a strategic plan but don’t know where to start, or do you have one…somewhere?

Does your board need a refresh on what they really signed up for, or does your staff need to have a difficult conversation?

Your organization is not alone.

Our Solutions

We help organizations be more attractive to foundations and donors by strengthening their boards, staff, communication and strategic planning. Here are the main ways we help:

  • Offer two-part board trainings to get your board on the same page for their roles and responsibilities
    • Board Assessment Objectively assess your board’s health with our copyrighted board assessment tool and list concrete steps for improvement in each area (presented as a dashboard for tracking improvement in years to come)
    • Board Survey Survey board and present results anonymously for honest board self-evaluation
  • Facilitate groups through “roadblock” conversations
  • Provide DISC personality assessments to teams and use results to increase healthy communication
  • Create Strategic Plans through collaborative ED and Board process
  • Help groups collaboratively update mission statements to make them stickier and more inspiring
  • Build logic models designed to help you track your impact in the community
  • Coach your employees through situations and into greater success

Why consulting? Consulting brings an objective, outside viewpoint to your nonprofit. We help define where you want to be in five years, because we know the day-to-day tasks can keep you solely focused on five o’clock. We can be a fresh perspective for your issue and an outsider to help moderate all voices at the table.


Board Training and Retreats

Pre-retreat board surveys, Save Nine Board Assessment© covering 11 areas of board health, and retreat facilitation to define or improve mission, vision, values, and more. We provide concrete action plans to engage and motivate all board members in better mission achievement.

Strategic Planning

Includes document creation, board planning session moderation, and final product delivery to guide and empower your efforts for years to come.

Impact Measurement

Logic Model design, Proof of Concept design, and trainings for your team on how to measure and report your impact in the community. We help you prove what you do works.

Career and Life Coaching

We offer certified life coaching sessions (in person or remote) for individuals seeking to define their own personal missions, work through situations, and set and achieve new goals.

Grant Writing

Database Analysis (searching more than 140,000 foundations to find relevant grant possibilities), LOI Writing, Grant Writing, Grant Editing and Project Planning to help you secure grant funding and invest it well.

Team Building

As an Advanced Certified DISC Practitioner, Save Nine offers individual personality profiles and thorough analysis of each team member’s strengths, weaknesses, blind spots and masks. These powerful insights into the dynamics of your team can decrease harmful conflict while increasing trust, accountability, and focus on results. Each DISC Assessment service comes with full personality reports for each member of your team, as well as recommendations as well for the group as a whole.